Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation, one of the most well-known horse transportation company. owned by Dannie Gilder that has been in the horse business his entire adult life doing everything from trail riding up to the barrel racing and has been trucking for over 35 years! He prides himself in making sure your horses arrive safely and as quickly as possible.

But, Of course, just like a common horse transportation companies we knew. Dannie Gilder also embraces all the reviews whether it's a positive or a negative one.

To tell you the truth, Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Reviews really has a lot of negative rather positive feedback. When you tried to search for it, you can all see the page where customers brought their anger or maybe just negative thought with the said horse transportation company.

The latest one is about the driver of Dannie Gilder Transport. One of the "valued customer" (Well, I really think he is as he said he already experienced the company's service) He's name is Craig. Craig didn't do a good job here as he mentioned that there are bite marks on his horse necks and there are rubbed sores on the butt area! And worst is, there is no insurance and they don't offer any help to pacify the customer.

Most of the customer has the same feedback, such as the trailer was in such poor condition with fender extended away from the trailer, broken metal, etc, and the arrival is late.

The worst thing I've read so far on this Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Review is when the didn't even provide food or hay for the 20hours travel of the horse! Absolute disgrace! Same as they never updated one of their customer about their horse during the travel. To think that the owners should be updated every hour or so.

Some are saying that they really didn't take care of the horse during the trip and most of the Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation staff (drivers) didn't even bother to communicate with the customer. And of course, the customer doesn't have any idea about what's going on with their special one.

Most of them also didn't receive any support - financial or just something like a moral from Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Company. Most of their customer stated that they neglected the horse during the trip which is a big NO-NO.

Just like I always telling you, before you commit to a horse transport company or plainly, just use them for a 24 hours service, you really should do everything before hands. You need to conduct some major research about them and the best thing to do is to check their customer feedback as for me that is one of the major factors when choosing a horse transport company.

Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Review are proof that this Dannie Gilder Horse Transportation Company didn't do well when it comes to transporting a horse or maybe even taking care of the horse. If you still want to check with other reviews, you may visit the site here: https://dannie-gilder-horse-transportation.pissedconsumer.com/complaints/RT-P.html