When you are a horse owner, we know the feeling that you need to travel for another race, then, transport your horse at the most peaceful and secure manner as possible. Who doesn't want that? 

We realize that transporting a horse across the country could be stressful, and of course, that is the time your horse needs your full potential when choosing appropriate horse transporters to make your horse trip comfortable and stress-free.

One of the very best ways to travel your horse is by road, which may be achieved with a creatively designed horsebox or horse truck. Of course, Safety is of the utmost importance when hauling derby horses or perhaps your pet horses for that matter. Therefore always learn more about the locking methods and safety of the horsebox.

Let me introduce to you Dippy's Horse Transport. It is a family owned and operated business based in Australia. "Dippy" and his staff are very focused on serving customers like you a high-quality service and 100% customer satisfaction.



Dippy's Horse Transport will do what it takes not just to meet your expectations and but also go beyond that.

Started in 2011 on a contract basis, Dippy's Horse Transport has over 20 years of experience within the horse transport industry. Wow! And because of that full experience, you will be surely glad to get to know them and work with them.

Not to worry about their driver or handler during the trip, Dippy's Horse Transport will be driven by its own owner "Dippy" and his agents. So you can entrust your horses with them since they are not just a driver but also a real horseman for 20 years!

When it comes to the terms and condition, you might want to check their official page first and read their terms and condition. Well, for horse owners that is looking for a company that has a term and condition ready, Dippy's Horse Transport is for you. The terms and condition page is quite detailed for you to understand.

Also, on their website, you can message them anything you want to know or can also ask for a quote for your trip.