Equine Wraps or Equine Shipping Bandages is very essential when you're about to do a horse transport either locally or overseas.

Just as every horse owner should possess, at the very minimum, a basic knowledge of areas of horse care such as nutrition, common illnesses, and hoof care, so too should they have at least a rudimentary understanding of the proper techniques for equine shipping bandages usage.

There are a number of situations in which you will use an equine shipping bandages as it may be necessary or advisable. Some of the most common reasons for bandaging a horse’s legs include:

-Providing warmth and support to stiff or sore tendons and ligaments;
-Preventing or reducing swelling after exercise or during stall rest;
-Protecting legs from injury during exercise or trailering
-Covering wounds to prevent contamination and facilitate healing.

Different occasions call for different types of bandages, but all equine leg bandages can be dangerous if applied incorrectly. In many cases it is preferable to leave a horse’s leg unwrapped altogether rather than bandage it improperly.