Equine shipping fever symptoms can occur anytime between the journey of your horse or even before the day. Equine Shipping fever, or pleuropneumonia, involves the lungs and the pleural cavity. The pleural cavity is the space located between the chest wall and the lungs. Equine Shipping fever is a severe infection that is many times caused by the stress of traveling.
When you are traveling with your horse, be sure to watch them carefully for any of these symptoms and seek immediate treatment. Upon reaching your destination, continue to keep a close eye on your horse for up to a week to ensure that shipping fever is not developing. Contact a veterinarian immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

Foul nasal discharge
Deep cough
Refusal to eat
Elevated temperature
Shallow breathing
Reluctance to move or lie down
Anxious facial expressions
Standing with elbows abducted
Stiff gait