Transporting your animal can be dangerous, whether you are going to competition across the country or an international one
Most of the companies has a short-term policy that will provide equine shipping insurance. while in transit which includes driving and flying. This type of coverage would protect you against the financial loss for the established value of your insured animal if it were to die while being transported.

Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, for one horse or many, we want to work with you to make sure you are equipped with the Equine Shipping Insurance that’s right for you. THIS places all policies with the highest-rated and most secure insurance carriers, which are also selected for their prompt and reliable claims settlement.

Here is the coverage of an Equine Shipping Insurance:

- Full Mortality-Base Plan
- Major Medical and Surgical
- Guaranteed renewal endorsement
- Equine Transit Insurance,
International Horse Transit Insurance
- Short-Term
Insurance Coverage
- Loss of Use
- Expected Foal Insurance
- Guaranteed Live Foal Insurance
- Stallion Permanent Infertility due to Sickness, Accident or Disease
- Stallion First Season Congenital Infertility Insurance
- Fire, Lightning & Risks in Transit Insurance