When it comes to horse transport service there are two major routes which are the International Horse Transport and Interstate horse transport.

International Horse Transport can be overwhelming not just for owners, but also for horses as you need to do some things before going board same as when you are traveling alone on a flight.

First, you should be responsible to get a valid passport just like when you are traveling as human passengers. The horse also has a passport and you need to have it with you during the day of your travel.

Just like I always say on our previous articles, International Horse Transport can be expensive mostly if it is a racing season or if there are some major events in the destination country. International Horse Transport cost from $8,000 to $30,000 and it also depends on the number of horses you will aboard. 

Before you have your International Horse Transport, make sure that all those essential things are present, such as the spare haylet, extra bag and of course, an extra rug to give comfort for your horse. Take Note that if it's really warm, just bring a thin sheet of the rug so they won't feel irritated during the trip or you can just remove it so they can be comfortable. 

By the way, horses should be accompanied by the owner or someone during the trip. It will also an additional cost to be considered.

Lastly, as an owner, when you're trying to do an International Horse Transport, you must search over the net the best transport company for the trip. You should consider the previous customer's feedback as it is important for business on how they treat their guest. You can also ask if they have some discount when you get a quote. 

International Horse Transport should be safe and comfortable not just for you but also for your horse. Most of the International Horse Transport company has a vet during the trip to make sure everything is ok when something messed up.