There are several ways in Australia to do a horse transportation, weather it's for a means of local transport or an international transport. But let's talk about here the international horse transport in Australia.

The international horse transport in Australia is a very in demand and very trendy when it comes to horse industry as there are more racers in this country.

But let me remind you that international horse transport in Australia is not cheap as you could imagine. Not to mention the cost of the person who will travel with the horse. You will also be paying the containers (where horses put when they travel internationally) and some other equipment that you need to have during the day. You also need to consider the location as the price varies depending on the destination of your horse.

The good side of international horse transport in Australia is there are a lot (When I say a lot, I really mean it) of horse transport company out there that you will meet. Before the travel, make sure you read about them, get to know more about them and have some look with their customer's feedback.

As far as I know, you can always ask them if there are some available discounted price or if there are an ongoing sale for international horse transport. Don't forget about the referrals, some of the horse transportation company was giving some referral bonus/discount when they knew you have been referred by one of their valuable customers.