When you are living in North America and seeking for a good horse transport company, you might want to try the KC Horse Transport, Inc. They have known one of the best horse transport across the North America.

KC Horse Transport, Inc has an office in California and Kentucky (Maybe that's how they got their name - KC)

KC Horse Transport, Inc was founded by Kerrie Carhill Sahadi. Then, Kerrie's Grandfather, Dell Cargill, was a well known jockey in the 1940s and 1950s and he later became a horse trainer. In the early 1970's Kerrie's Father, Dan Cargill, and her Grandparents decided to start a partnership in a horse transportation company and they called it Cargill Horse Transportation. Well, Cargill Horse Transportation was a successful business for many years. Not to mention that Kerrie gained her experience in horse transportation by working her way thru college at Cargill Horse Transportation.

And later on, in the year 2000, Kerrie put her history into good use by starting the KC Horse Transport, Inc and continued her family tradition. Similar stories of experience and history can be found throughout the KC Horse Transport Family in it's employees.

KC Horse Transport, Inc offers a nationwide weekly service and offers a daily local move. They have started their business within California and have decided to open another branch in Kentucky.

Some of their services include:
- They have Raced and Return
- They can cater Airport Transfers
- Barn Moves
- They can also accommodate who has Horse Shows
- Breeding Runs
- Transport to and from Quarantine
- And also, Horse Sales

When you say equipment, KC Horse Transport, Inc can surely handle it. They have equipment that has a really good standard.

The type of types of equipment they have has the following features:
- Their equipment consists of 45, 458 and 53 foot 15-horse vans
- The 4-horse vans are available in California and Kentucky
- These are modern conventional Kenworth tractors
- All of this equipment has an air-ride equipped
- They have maintained by professional mechanics.

Just so you know, KC Horse Transport, Inc also offers single stalls for those prefer that choice.

We should never forget their professional and very well trained drivers and handlers. They are working hard enough to ensure that the move is safe for the horse and timely for their client. They also make sure that the drivers must meet airport requirements as well as keep on schedule so that the horses can reach their destination on time as planned.

What I personally love with KC Horse Transport, Inc, they are also supporting these organization as they believe that giving back is really important. They are working with CARMA and Neighsavers Foundation to raise money and find homes for the retired racehorses. They are also an active sponsor of Polly Klaas Foundation to spread awareness about child abduction and human sex trafficking.

KC Horse Transport, Inc also won as the White Horse Award because of their random acts of kindness.

You may want to check out their amazing service by visiting their website at https://www.kchorsetransport.com or simply give them a call to ask something or ask a quote.