Chances are that you’ve come here because you’re one of Adelaide’s horse enthusiasts, and you’re ever on the lookout for a new Adelaide saddlery to try out. After all, tack’s one of the major expenses when it comes to horse ownership; and it’s always a blessing to discover the sort of outlet that’s affordable, yet reliable, offering the sort of quality tack that provides both horse and rider with the safety and comfort that they deserve.

And, well, if you’ve been keeping horses for any real amount of time, you’ve likely discovered that there’s a number of unexpected rigours to it – one of which, of course, is keeping the tack clean.

You and your horse take that stuff out in the open; and just like you, it gets full exposure to all that South Australian heat and dust. Tack gets dirty, and it gets dirty fast. And both you and your horse deserve as clean a ride as possible.

So here, we’ve gathered just a few tips to help you keep your saddlery goods just a little bit cleaner.

  • Clean after every ride
  • Riding’s a rigorous activity, and there are plenty of times when you and your horse come back quite drained, and the last thing in the world you feel like doing is applying elbow grease to a lot of leather and metal.

    But don’t fall into that trap. Don’t allow yourself to unstrap all those saddles and stirrups and then say “eh, I’ll clean it next time”. You won’t. And over those ours that you neglect to clean them, the dirt settles in and becomes all the more impossible to get out…especially if you end up oiling the leather without cleaning it first. Once you’ve done that, the dirt’s all the more likely to never come out. Not only will the tack lose its colour, it’ll also lose its quality a fair bit quicker.

  • Shine it up
  • Admittedly this is more of a vanity thing, and better suited for when you and your horse are prepping for a show; but still, it’s worth considering.

    On occasion, consider giving the metal parts of your tack – the buckles, stirrups and the like – a bit of extra polish, perhaps with some special metal polish (some folks even like to run it through the dishwasher). This gives it an extra glint that lends both you and your horse a real parade-ready flashiness.

  • Responsible oiling
  • Pretty much anyone who’s kept horses in Australia knows about the necessity of oiling – when you’re keeping tack in an environment as dry and hot as that, you’ve got to keep the oil coming to make sure it doesn’t split down the middle while you’re riding.

    Some folks who live in wetter climates also like to use wax treatment to prevent mildew, but…well, that’s really just not as much of an issue down in Adelaide, is it?

    Still, you owe it to yourself to make the oil applications regular and frequent, and to up them if you ever feel that the leather is getting dry. Although, do keep in mind that, even in a place as hot as Adelaide, there can be such a thing as too much oil – overdo it, and your tack will get needlessly weighed down. It could even compromise the integrity of the fibres if overdone.