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Horse Wormers

Shop Horse wormers from a range of brands and formulas. We stock the most popular horse worming brands including Equimax, ammo and more. Starting at $9.
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Strategy T Wormer
Regular price $29.00 $25.00
Merial Equimec Paste (plain)
Regular price $25.00
iO Equi-dose Complete Wormer Green
Regular price $35.00
Equimax Horse Wormer
Regular price $32.00
Kelato Evolve Worming Paste
Regular price $29.00
Io Equiduo Liquid 250Ml
Regular price $149.00
Equimec Plus Tape
Regular price $29.00
Equiduo Wormer - 100ml
Regular price $99.00
Eraquell Worming Pellets
Regular price $29.00
Gel Grip Mane & Tail Brush - Pink

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Gel Grip Mane & Tail Brush - Pink

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