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Syd Hill & Sons - Background
Experienced Horsemen know exactly what they need when it comes to quality saddles and horse gear and are not easily swayed by marketing nor promotions. If we look at the stock saddle market worldwide today - there are only a handful of saddle makers in Australia. Some names are new while others have a long-standing history. Despite the competition, one thing holds firm – and it is that great craftsmanship cannot be defeated. Syd Hill & Sons have been around for 100+ years and the brand is still growing in popularity every year.

What to expect from you Syd hill saddle Purchase
Known for having excellent quality, affordable price, and considerable warranty period, Syd Hill & Sons is a reputable saddle maker for the western horse community in Australia. Since 1800, up until now, the brand stands proud and continues to grow – bringing nothing but the best. A combination of skills and hard work passed down to generations have brought them where they are today, becoming one of the best saddle makers and truly, a respectable, iconic Australian brand.

 Despite having many product variations, Syd Hill & Sons remains true to its roots. What is consistent in their products is the use of solid hardware and stirrups, comfortable fabric, durable tree mount, fine-detail stitching, premium leather, and Poley knee pads that come together neatly. Whether your eye is on the Syd hill stock saddle, the Syd hill barcoo poley saddle, or any Syd hill saddles, we assure you that they will NOT disappoint with a 100% customer satisfaction score from the years we have been selling them 2016-2020.

The Syd hill stock saddle for sale
The Syd hill stock saddle is a usual go-to option for riders that are looking for that classic quality saddle with the signature swinging feners. This is the baseline design that the brand has adapted and evolved onto each product. Even though the manufacturing process has changed, the Syd hill stock saddle remains an integral part of traditional stocks. Even after 148 years after its initial launch, it stands one of the best-selling products.

 What makes this saddle popular – is its reliance on an exact fitting. The saddle is built with premium leather, solid brass fitting, and adjustable tree. It is perfect for those that struggle to maintain a good mounting position since the saddle itself, can automatically put you in the correct line. Keeping a good position from head, shoulder, hip, up to the heel should no longer pose a problem. Overall, the Syd hill stock saddle carries a strong, comfortable, and secure fitting that can bring confidence to any rider.

Syd hill barcoo poley saddle for sale
The Syd hill barcoo poley saddles have been around since 1985. Both the saddle and the straps are made with top quality leather and have withstood the test of time. This robust, practical, and solid saddle is a great option for any rider that is looking for a safe and reliable one. Often, it is attributed to having one of the most comfortable seats that can anchor you firmly. It is so secure that the only way to fall out of a horse is to not set it up properly.

The style of Syd hill barcoo poley saddles are not heavy and can be great for training younger horses. Although they may not be fit for competition, it can still be used for normal trail riding, general cattle station work pleasure riding, or camp drafting. It is an excellent product that can give you the best value for your money.

Syd hill western saddle for sale
The Syd hill western saddle is expertly handcrafted in traditional style with a treeless option. Of course, with a treeless option, there is not much to grab onto, but it also means that there is not much interference as well. Since its growing demand, Syd Hill & Sons have launched this series at affordable pricing in varying sizes.  It is built with the latest materials which usually are made from buffalo leather with a suede seat. It comes in Brown Cognac or Tan color and fenders with adjustments on either side. This gorgeous saddle is ideal for trail riding thanks to its comfortable and secure mounting locks. Sure enough, it will keep also you in a good position for a more effective ride.

Syd hill synthetic stock saddle for sale

Since the Syd hill stock saddle has genuine leather material, it can be quite expensive. Luckily, the same brand offers the same saddle but in a more budget option, made from synthetic material. This is something more affordable and is still considered strong enough to be ridden over time. The synthetic saddle is popular among riders who are looking to try Syd Hill & Sons product for the first time.

The main attraction for synthetic stock saddles are the pricing scheme which keeps the opportunity open for budget riders. Of course, if we compare this to saddles with premium leathers, it is clear that the latter would have more added value. However, it does not discard the fact that the synthetic-made saddles are still competent for riding and also more lightweight. By settling for a synthetic fabric, it does not necessarily mean that you are ultimately downgrading. Syd Hill & Sons remains to be a trusted brand for a reason. Despite the change in material, the brand keeps its quality in good shape, and would even continue to offer the same warranty coverage as to most of their products.

Syd hill Australian saddles for sale

The Syd hill Australian saddle comes with stirrups and built with quality leather. This saddle is very durable to the point that you can pass it down to your grandchildren. By the looks of its brass work, you can appreciate the details from its craftsmanship. It is simply unique and incomparable. This genuine chestnut-colored saddle proves that it can handle bumps and scratches over a long period of use. Like any other, the saddle will just have to be cared for, cleaned, and oil to prolong wear and tear. 

Syd hill half breed saddle

The Syd hill half breed saddle is also a popular choice among many. This type of saddle has an outstanding finished fender with gold thread stitching, dyed edges and a basket weave pattern stamp from the fan to the corners of the fenders. The version of this ranges from an economy style, to a more exclusive finish.

Nonetheless, it is certainly a stylish saddle that is extremely neat, modern and can be very much appreciated. Looking into the workmanship, the saddle has knee pad covers, brass fittings and handsome seating. It also comes with an adjustable tree which can be converted from a moulded tree to a gullet system. Changing this is entirely up to the rider’s preference. At the top of its high-class range is a variation with chrome cushioned leather seat, genuine wool skin linings, buckles on stirrups and straps, skirt plates and optional girth rigs. Like many, it also comes in different size options.

The Syd hill half breed saddle is highly regarded for its modern, comfortable, and stable ride. The seat is well-balanced and centered that captivates riders to shift on to this variation. As most would say, the half breed is designed to fit and always ready to perform.

 Syd hill swinging fender saddle for sale

The Syd hill swinging fender saddle comes in variations of a premium leather or a synthetic material. This type is made part of a classic collection that carries traditional qualities of a plain flap but with an added twist. Like the plain stock saddle, the Syd hill swinging fender has a fitting panel that provides highly comfortable mount for your horse. However, this saddle also has a skirt and fender that allows the rider closer contact yet has freedom to move.

Between the synthetic fabric and genuine leather, there is not much difference that can distort the quality of Syd hill saddles. At most is that one variation will have a black synthetic material, a gel seat, and adjustable tree, whereas the genuine leather comes in dark brown color and exclusive pricing.


Syd Hill & Sons remains to be a reputable brand for a reason. And this stems from the fact that their products remain top quality among its ranks, and highly reliable for horse riders to use and value. Even consumers would reflect that owning their saddles are such a good investment not just for the immediate period, but also in the long run. So, if you do happen to get your hands on it, we urge you to try it and let us know if we were wrong. Now with free worldwide express shipping.

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