When/How did you and Clover first meet, and was there love at first sight?
I was on the hunt for a new show jumper when I came across Clovers add on Facebook... We drove hours looking at different horses when my Mum and I took a last stop to see Clover... In the first 2 minutes of riding her I knew she was the one and we bought her in that 10 minutes! She was the most beautiful animal ever. 
What discipline are you and Clover interested in/currently focusing on?
Clover and myself are focusing on Showjumping, we compete every weekend showjumping all over QLD.
Does Clover have any hidden talents?
When clover is fresh and has not been ridden for awhile, when I slow her down from the canter she kicks her back legs outs.  
Do you train with a regular coach, if so who?
I currently do not have a coach but when I'm needing a hand Paul Raymont and John Robertson are amazing and are always there for me.
What's Clovers favourite treats?
Clover loves her HudsandToke treats and will do anything for them.
What's your biggest achievement to date together?
I have only had her for a short time, our first competition together (Nambour SJ 2018) we won the 80-1m class, winning our first rug together. 
Do you have any set goals set for the coming year?
Our goal for 2018 is to be competing 1.25 tracks this year and to gallop down the beach tackless. 
Who's Clover's best friend and why?
Clover's best paddock friend was a clients horse of mine called Casper, when he left she became friend with my sporting horse Rex.
Does Clover have any vices?
Eddie has no vices. 
Have you ever fallen off Clover, if so how many times, and what happened?
I have never fallen of Clover (touch Wood)
What makes Clover so special?
 Clover is an angel, she never puts a foot wrong and she looks after me so much... Her personality, looks, jump style and riding her is what makes Clover so special.