When/How did you and KitKat first meet, and was there love at first sight?
I first saw kitty 4 years ago, when she was a wild little donkey. Funny story, I didn't like her at first I actually was mad I was forced to get the brown donkey because I wanted the white one. 
When/How did you and Cali first meet, and was there love at first sight?
 I tried out Cali for the first time May 2016. I tried her out in Ocala, FL at Clayton Fredericks place. I heard about Cali was on a plane within 48 hours, and I was extremely sick the entire time so I'm lucky I picked out the correct horse. 
What discipline are you and your horses/donkey interested in/currently focusing on?
 Currently I am competing Cali at the CCI1* level and Ron at the Prelim level with plans to move up this fall.  With kitty I basically am always changing it up from dressage days, to jump days whatever it is we always have fun doing it. Im currently focusing mostly on getting her more solid in her jumping phases. 
Does KitKat have any hidden talents?
I don't know if you would call bowing a hidden talent... lol. But basically everywhere she goes she likes to smile. 
Do you train with a regular coach, if so who?
My regular coach is Kadi Eykamp, originally from AUS.
What's KitKat favourite treats?
Kitty will try anything! Her favorite thing however is "ice" brand drinks. (yes she knows how to drink out of the bottle) 
What's your biggest achievement to date together? Cali/KitKat
Cali - Our biggest achievement to date would be completing the CCI1* with clean cross country, to achieve a score for NAJYRC. 
KitKat - KitKat has been surprising me every ride lately! Like just last week she jumped 3' for the first time, also her dressage is coming along quite nicely. 
Do you have any set goals set for the coming year?
Our goal for 2017 is to compete and complete one intermediate eventing show. 
Who's KitKat best friend and why?
She just lives with whoever I have for her at the time. Her best friend is probably me, she's always calling for me. My horse however has her own Irish boyfriend, and they are very attached. 
Have you ever fallen off KitKat, if so how many times, and what happened?
I have fallen off her 5 times to what I can remember, before I had a girth small enough for her I would fall off often because she has no withers and if she stopped all the sudden I would just slide off. However the two most recent times were when I got a 20" which was not quite small enough but almost fit, I jumped a 2' fence and the saddle went over her head. (yes this happened twice in a row)
What makes KitKat so special?
She's a donkey, thats all that needs to be said. 
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