When/How did you and Shendo first meet, and was there love at first sight?

I first met Shendo on the 13th August 2015, I went to test ride him as I was looking for my first competition horse. It wasn't exactly love at first sight as I had fallen off him 3 times in the first 2 rides!

What discipline are you and Shendo interested in/currently focusing on?

Shendo and I are focused in Eventing

Does Shendo have any hidden talents?

Shendos hidden talent is smiling or yawning while I try and put a bridle on or jumping out of his paddock when he knows it's time for him to come in for dinner

Do you train with a regular coach, if so who?

My regular coach is Tayah Andrew and her parents at BML !

What's Shendo's favourite treats?

Any type of food is a treat to Shendo but he definitely will steal carrots from you in a split second

What's your biggest achievement to date together?

Our biggest achievement to date is from last year, 2016, it was both of our first year out eventing and we went clear around the Brookleigh Eventing Grand Prix 105cm, placing 15th / 51 and I was the youngest rider to get around.

Do you have any set goals set for the coming year?

Our goal for 2017 is to compete and complete in Eventing in the Park at the end of this year

Who's Shendo's best friend and why?

Shendos best friend is literally anyone who is next to him or paddocked with him at the time

Does Shendo have any vices?

A vice of Shendos is that he hates daisies, Fairbridge is terrifying for him and he won't keep 4 feet on the ground

Have you ever fallen off Shendo, if so how many times, and what happened?

I have fallen off Shendo around 7 times. One of my most memorable falls is from a cross country clinic when we had a new water jump, and Shendo is famous for his water leap.. so he decided to jump directly up and landed with all 4 feet and we both dived under water

What makes Shendo so special?

Shendo is so special because he will try for me no matter what, he was very green at cross country when we got him and so was I, we have come so far in a short amount of time because he is brave and has a heart of gold and will always take care of me.