When/How did you and Minstral first meet, and was there love at first sight?

I first met Minstral at the end of 2016 when I started a new job riding at the stud he was kept at. It was love at first sight, I had admired him for a very long time and was very excited to be able to work with him. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase him this year.

What discipline are you and Minstral interested in/currently focusing on?

Minstral is very successful in the show ring but I hope to focus on eventing this year to show Gypsy Cobs are excellent all rounders.

Does Minstral have any hidden talents?

Minstral has many talents but his favourite thing to do is to push all his feed out of the bucket and eat it off the floor!

Do you train with a regular coach, if so who?

We are currently working on getting to know each other but we are planning to start regular coaching soon.

What's Minstral’s favourite treats?

Any type of treat will make his day but Minstral loves pony liquorice.

What's your biggest achievement to date together?

Our biggest achievement so far would be being named Supreme of Supreme at the APSB Show and the 2017 Heavy Horse show.

Do you have any set goals set for the coming year?

Our goal for 2017 is to compete in more disciplines other than showing to show people that Gypsy Cobs can do it all!

Who's Minstral's best friend and why?

Being a stallion Minstral doesn’t get to hang out with other horses (although he loves the girls) so I’d hope that I am his best friend. He waits at the gate for me every day waiting for his treats.

Does Minstral have any vices?

Minstral loves to give love bites and grab/pull on your clothes.

Have you ever fallen off Minstral, if so how many times, and what happened?

Nope, never!

What makes Minstral so special?

Minstral is so special to me because he does anything and everything I ask of him. I trust him so much and he always looks after me in every situation.