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Horse Bits

Shop Horse Bits. Pelham horse bit, snaffle bit, shetland, bits, single jointed bit, myler bit, tranz beval,  dutch gag, eggbutt bit, D bit ported barrel etc. Free Shipping & Afterpay Saddlery.

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Rubber Mouth D Bit
Regular price $49.00 $45.00
Regular price $69.00
Controller Simpson Bit
Regular price $39.00
Crescendo Bit
Regular price $45.00
Curved Full Cheek Snaffle
Regular price $59.00
Curved Mouth Dee Bit
Regular price $65.00
Curved Small Eggbutt Snaffle
Regular price $55.00

All Purpose Saddle &  Bridle

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All Purpose Saddle & Bridle

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