About ProHorse

We are an Australian Online Shop for Horse Supplies.
We aim to provide a smooth customer experience in every step on the way including fast shipping, affordability, quality and excellent customer service combined with easy returns, exchanges & store usability. Read some of our testimonials here. Our main focus & customer value includes:

  1. A 'WOW' Customer Experience
    We go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service, our goal is for our customer to leave our shop feeling not just satisfied but also blown away with our ease of use, customer service & quality vs affordability our products and services provides.

  2. Ease of Use
    We Provide one of the widest selections of horse supplies in Australia to allow you to shop all your horse supplies in one place. You can also enjoy 14 days free trials on all orders & free shipping over $100. Our secure payment providers and tracked orders make it a safe and smooth ordering process from our warehouse to your door. So far only 2 orders out of over 5000 have been misplaced/lost. (where we took responsibility and replaced)

  3. Buy Now, Pay Later
    We have partnered up with Afterpay  to allow you to Order now and pay your order off interest free. We also offer layby on larger orders such as saddles as a lot of our customers prefers to pay for higher priced items in instalments rather than a once of up front payment.

  4. Innovation
    Our focus in 2019 is to develop unique new products through our own private brand with help and feedback from yourself. We regularly ask our customers through our social media channels what they prefer in terms of material, colour and fit for new horse supplies. Be apart of the process by liking our FB Page.


    How it all started & Why ProHorse exists

    Everyone has a why - what motivates you to do the things you do. My why is my little sisters Älva & Elvira, they are the reason to why ProHorse was born and has grown to become an established business in only a couple of years.
    My name is Nadine and I am originally from Sweden & and I have had a passion for horses as long as I can remember. My mom used to bring me along to the stables & she says I never cried in the stable I just sat quietly waiting for her to finish schooling her young Hanoverian dressage gelding 'Gibbly'. I got my own horse 'Starboy' (New Forrest pony) when I was 12 years old. He was an experienced schoolmaster & we competed successfully in both dressage and showjumping.
    I moved to Australia when I was 20 years old because of the weather and lifestyle. I was only going to stay for 3 months travelling around but I am still here after 9 years in Perth, WA. About 3 years ago I was tired of the corporate world and working 9-5 and only seeing my family once per year. I have 5 siblings and I missed my youngest sisters Älva (15 years old) & Elvira (13 years old) a lot.
    I decided to pursue my dream of opening a shop for horse supplies by combining my passion (horses) with my degree (Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing & Entrepreneurship) to give me more time to travel to see my sisters more often. ProHorse Australia was born in April 2017 and we have now expanded to a small team of individuals who all work towards our goal of creating an above & beyond customer experience for horse riders in Australia and worldwide.
    I get to spend more time with my sisters as I can work from Sweden or Australia while the girls in the warehouse look after the day to day operations on site. All the hard work, late nights, missed social events, negotiations with manufacturers, unusable product samples & all other million mistakes Ive made along the way are all worth it for every second I get to spend extra with my family. My sister Älva was also the first employee of the business, and she loves every seconds of it and she is putting her pay away saving up to buy her own horse one day.
    To celebrate our success we are launching our new private label brand as a thank you to my beautiful, caring, loving & smart sisters Älva & Elvira. They are both so mature, giving, sweet and deserve the world. I am launching this brand to be their voice for shy teenagers that suffer the normal teenager problems such a school bullying, low self-esteem, living up to the pressure of social media and supporting young horse-riders that work hard for their horse riding lessons in a very money dominated sport. The ProHorse Label will be available at a discounted price for students, keep your eyes out for our new launch Spring 2019.
    We also thrive to support upcoming brands with a mindset of disrupting the old-fashioned equestrian sport. Got questions? Read our frequently asked questions here or feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, or just want to say hi! My private email is: nadine@prohorse.com.au.


    In 2019 we will be bringing more products out in our own ProHorse product line, including saddle pads and bonnet sets, bridles and seamless riding clothing. All of our customers on our email list will be involved in this process as we regularly ask for feedback on product drawings, ideas and samples.

    Our main goal is to bring horse enthusiasts together from a range of disciplines and levels, we all share the same sport and passion. We sponsor riders from a range of disciplines and support all levels, no one is too young, old,  small, big, inexperienced to be apart of our team! Checkout some of our sponsored riders here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon & Thank you for popping by