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  • Grooming Kit

    Grooming Kit

    Convenient backpack easy to bring along to the show Set Includes: hoof pick, Comb, body brush, curry comb,  mane and tail brush, backpack to store it all in. Colour: Blue, pink, red
  • Farrier Tool Kit STC

    Save money buy getting your own 'do it yourself' farrier tool kit. All tools needed to trim a horse 4 Piece Hoof Trim Kit:Hoof Nippers Hoof Knife Rasp Rasp Handle...
  • On the Go Grooming Bag-Ascot Equestrian On the Go Grooming Bag-Ascot Equestrian

    On the Go Grooming Bag

    Stylish grooming bag Easy to travel with your grooming supplies & accessories along on competitions Outside pockets Clip on/off handle Available in a range of colours.
  • Sweat Scraper

    Curved Plastic sweat scraper with Rubber detailing Available in a range of colours Gently removes excessive water Soft & Gentle on the horse Brand: Ascot Equestrian
  • Wahl SuperGroom Radiant Pink w/Adjustable 5 in 1 Blade

     Rust resistant chrome-plated blade. Great noise absorption and low vibration. Use for up to 90 minutes wirelessly - recharge time approximately 150 minutes. Powerful motor with 'torque sensing' for different...
  • Farrier Tool Kit

    A do it yourself farrier tool kit for the handy equestrian. All tools needed to trim a horse 4 Piece Hoof Trim Kit
  • Gel Grip Mane & Tail Brush

    Soft touch gel grip handle with strong bristles. Perfect for untangling manes and tails.
  • Horse Grooming Kit

    Store your brushes in a classic and complete Horse Grooming Kit that is easy to bring along to events with a top carry handle. Keep your tools organised with inside storage...
  • Equestrian Gear Bag

    Super strong vinyl gear bag with heavy duty zipper and reinforced handles Bring your gear along to competitions in style Size: 30"(76cm) long x 16"(40cm) high x 16"(40cm) wide.  Brand: Bambino...
  • Farrier Tools
    Sold Out

    Farrier Tools

    Complete Set - Professional Farrier Tools Kit 8 pieces including handy carry roll. Kit Contains: 14" Hoof nipper Shoe puller Clincher Buffer Hammer Hoof knife 14" tanged rasp Jute canvas...
  • Showmaster Horse & Pet Trimmer

     Quiet, safe, reliable and cordless with one year guarantee. An Ideal quiet trimmer for difficult areas, like legs and ears. Conveniently located blade adjustment lever. Steel blade with adjustable cutting...
  • Rubber Grooming Mitt

    Flexible rubber glove with hundreds of rubber tips. Cleans the grimiest horse in minutes, wiping away loose hair, dust and manure quickly.
  • Wooden Horse Hair Brush

    Everyday horse hair brush Quality wooden handle Soft & Gentle on the horse Brand: Ascot Equestrian  
  • Joseph Lyddy Saddle Soap

    Quality Leather Soap Cleans restores and maintains leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy 125g or 400g  
    From $29.00
  • Soft Handle Curry Comb

    Unique design Curry Comb Helps remove excess dirt Massages the horse Colors Available: Blue & Purple
  • Showmaster Grooming Kit w/Collapsable Bucket Pink/Grey

    Description • Keep your Grooming Kit together in this handy collapsible bucket. • Pink with Grey Trim. Kit includes:• Collapsible Bucket• Body Brush• Dandy Brush• Face Brush• Curry Comb• Hoof...
  • Wahl Lithium Horse Pro Clipper

    Wahl's Lithium Horse Pro Clipper is a rechargeable cordless clipper built to achieve maximum performance with an advanced, patented motor that provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat...
  • Wahl Show Pro Pet Clipper Kit

     Powered by the Wahl patented electromagnetic shunt motor, ideal kit for home pet grooming. The kit is in a durable storage case containing clipper and precision ground blade set, blade...
  • Wooden Body Brush

    Body brush with quality  handle Gorgeous horse shoe design
  • Stable & Float Organiser Stable & Float Organiser-Ascot Equestrian

    Stable & Float Organiser

    Great to use in your horse float at competitions or for everyday use in the stable Keep your grooming supplies neat and organised  Strong velcro like tabs to secure open...
  • Grooming Kit Box

    Convenient box easy to bring along to the show Set Includes: Rubber bands for plaiting, hoof pick, aluminium Comb, paint brush, curry comb, body brush, mane and tail brush, groom...
  • Wahl Mane & Tail Brush

    Description • Gently detangles the mane and tail.• Durable yet gentle enough to ensure your horse's comfort.• The comfort rubber grip fits perfectly into any size hand.
  • Huntington Goat Hair Face Brush

    Description • This exquisite range of brushes are manufactured from selected high quality materials.
  • Senior Body Brush w/Velcro Loop

    Description • Self-gripping tabs allows adjustment and secure fit to any hand.• 178mm wood back.
  • Magic Grooming Brush Pack Pink Pony (Single Brush)

    Description The Original and Best Selling Magic Grooming Brush is now available! These brushes are one of Germany's Best Sellers and have won multiple awards. Made from a high quality...
  • Ergonomic Wonder Brush

    Description • Ergonomically shaped for comfort and engineered to lift dirt off the skin.• Distributes natural oils and promotes coat shine.
  • Showmaster Wonder Polishing Mitt

    Description • Micro fibre collects grime from hard to reach crevices.
  • Bambino Gear Bag Pink

    Description • When going to shows, there never seems to be enough bags to store the goodies in!• Hot Pink colour with strong web handles, velcro handle loops and made...
  • Step-Up Tack Box

    A tack box with many uses. Made from a high density PVC, it can also be used as a step when grooming a horse or a seat when painting hooves....
  • Leather Strap Horse Brush

    Black Leather strap Quality wooden handle Soft & Gentle on the horse Brand: Ascot Equestrian
  • Joseph Lyddy Glycerine Soap

    Leather glycerine soap High glycerine content to soften, clean & noursih leather Brand: Joseph Lyddy Available in 100g & 400g
    From $19.00
  • Wahl Face Brush

    Description • Gently removes dirt and hair to bring out a natural shine.• The comfort rubber grip fits perfectly into any size hand and the stylish design makes it easier...
  • ShowMaster Senior All Purpose Grooming Brush

    Description • A good all-round wooden backed grooming brush with medium nylon fill.• 200mm back.• Assorted colours only.
  • Showmaster Mane and Tail Brush w/Rainbow Crystal Dec

    Description • Add some bling to your tack box with this rainbow crystal decoration mane and tail brush.• Other matching crystal decoration grooming products are also available.
  • Trailer Caddie

    Description • A great way to keep everything handy while preparing for a show.• Easily hangs on the side of the float or on a stable wall with 11 pockets...
  • Farrier Tools Kit
    Sold Out

    Farrier Tools Kit

    Complete Set - Professional Farrier Tools Kit Kit Contains: 14" nipper, shoe puller, clincher, buffer, 10oz hammer, hoof knife and 14" tanged rasp, all contained in a jute canvas tool...
  • Farrier Tool Kit - 6 Piece
    Sold Out

    Farrier Tool Kit - 6 Piece

    A do it yourself farrier tool kit for the handy rider or farrier Medium size kit Good selection of tools Including  Rasp, hoof knife, hoof nipper, shoe puller & rasp...
  • Wahl Adjustable Clipper

     The Wahl Adjustable Clipper is a mains powered general purpose clipper with lever adjustable cutting head for lengths from 0.6mm to 1.8mm. Powerful enough for clipping of dogs & pets....
  • Wahl Creativa Cordless Clipper w/Adjustable 5 in 1 Blade

    Powerful, solid DC motor with 5300 RPM and constant speed control for a consistent cutting performance in all cases. Latest lithium ion technology packed in two power battery packs with...
  • Wahl Arco Lime Green w/Adjustable 5 in 1 Blade

    Powerful enough to shave through bridle paths and fetlocks, quiet enough to keep noise-sensitive animals comfortable and calm. The Arco Kit comes with 2 removable batteries that each have a...
  • Grooming Kit-ProHorse Grooming Kit-ProHorse

    Grooming Kit

    All to a value of $115! The Grooming Kit Includes: Hay Net Hoof Pick Plaiting Bag Sponge Grooming Block Sweat Scraper Body Brush
  • Gift Kit-ProHorse Gift Kit-ProHorse

    Gift Kit

    All to a value of $265! The Horse Riding Gift Kit Includes: Horse Riding Top Hay Net Horse Riding Gloves Long Riding Socks Riding Crop Plait Bands Hoof Pick Grooming Bag...
  • Joseph Lyddy Jay-el Dessing

    Jayl-el leather dressing Softens and preserves saddlery and all leather goods Dries to a long lasting polish Brand: Joseph Lyddy Enriched with beeswax  
    From $29.00
  • Lister Clipper Blades

    Lister replacement blades to suit the Legend, Liberty or Star Clippers A choice of 4 different clipper blades tailored to your needs
  • Sponge Brush - Blue

    Sponge Brush Blue with yellow sponge Perfect to use when washing your horse
  • Soft Grip Grooming Set - Blue

    Includes Flex back body brush, dandy brush, hoof pick and our best selling mane & tail brush-all in soft grip style. Available in Blue or Charcoal.
  • Lister Pico Trimmer

    Quiet handy trimmer for areas that are hard to access with a large clipper. Comes with 2 combs, brush, batteries, lubricant, and blade cover. Brand: Horze
  • Equerry Stable Dandy Brush

    Description • A mixture of natural fibres and synthetic goose quill.• Extremely hard wearing.
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